USfanTV: Are you happy for Michael Bradley?

Lots of good topics on the show last night: How did you feel seeing Michael Bradley celebrating the MLS Cup title? What do you make of the crop of candidates running for USSF president–including Hope Solo?!? Will Peter Stoger be a good thing for Christian Pulisic at BVB? What position will Darlington Nagbe play in Atlanta?

At a time when things are usually slow, we had a ton to talk about on last night’s show. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you Thursday!


USfanTV: The World Cup moves on without us, and the MLS Cup doesn’t help to ease the pain

Today was supposed to be fun and exciting. Right now, we were supposed to be complaining about drawing yet another tough group. Instead, I didn’t watch a second of the FIFA World Cup draw on TV, opting to get updates from Twitter instead.

Our amigos-en-verde drew Germany, Sweden and South Korea, so consider us fully on the Die Mannschaft wagon until further notice. For me, it was probably gonna be Germany, anyway, but the Mexico draw solidifies it.

Elsewhere, Seattle whipped Houston yet again to reach the 2017 MLS Cup, where they’ll visit Toronto for the second year in a row. So will it be Jozy and Bradley or Deuce and Morris? Are you cheering for one team over the other? Are you actively rooting against one of these clubs? For me, whatever happens happens. I don’t really care.  No matter the result, some of the guys responsible for our failure to qualify for the World Cup will get to celebrate being the biggest fish in a small pond. Great. Because MLS loves consistency the match moves back to a Saturday this year–Dec. 9, if you’re interested in watching.

You know those people on Twitter who tell you the US loves soccer, but doesn’t love MLS? There may be something to that, and we have the numbers to back it up. If we put MLS in our show title on YouTube, we get considerably fewer viewers than really anything else. USMNT post-match shows are always our bread and butter, but shows about US players or coaches in Germany, England, or anywhere else always do better than MLS shows. We haven’t done many USWNT shows, and we always get haters when we do, but they draw bigger viewership numbers than MLS, too.

The tagline below says we do shows every Tuesday and Thursday, but we obviously haven’t been sticking to that lately. Call us divas, but if we’re bored with soccer at the moment, we’d rather do no show than do a bad one. Keep sending us your questions, though! Last night was fun, and you guys made it that way. Your questions are smart and funny, and on those nights were we’re not feeling it, they might just inspire us to jump on YouTube.

See you Tuesday night!

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USfanTV: MLS Conference Finals and more!

Busy show last night! We talked MLS Conference Finals, #SaveTheCrew, Christian Pulisic’s glowing write-up in the Independent, CONCACAF’s League of Nations, hats, Chris’ Internet strength and more! There’s no show this Thursday because of Thanksgiving, so have a great week and we’ll see you next Tuesday!

USfanTV: Wait, wait. We’re serious about this World Cup losers tournament?

At USfanTV, we’ve long been on record for hating the every-other-year Gold Cup. We think it’s a giant waste of time, and an obvious cash grab. Every other confederation does one big tournament every four years, and so should CONCACAF.

But as much as we dislike it, we still go to at least one match every time. We still give them our money, even though we know we’re supporting a crap product. We just can’t stop. We are the problem.

So, with word coming out yesterday after our 1-1 draw with Portugal that US Soccer really is trying to create a tournament of World Cup rejects, we’re stuck with the same sort of feelings. Continue reading “USfanTV: Wait, wait. We’re serious about this World Cup losers tournament?”

USfanTV: Pulisic to Real Madrid rumors, USWNT and Canada draw 1-1

It’s the international break, so papers need content, and “team-is-looking-at-player” stories are usually easy to whip up. In that spirit, “El Gol” in Spain says Real Madrid are looking at Christian Pulisic and Julian Weigl.

Some questions:

Is this story true? Probably, at least in the sense that every big team is probably looking at every prospect as a possible target. So, yeah, Real is looking at Pulisic. Real is looking at everyone. As good as he’s been, though, it doesn’t seem crazy that they’d actually seriously consider him. Continue reading “USfanTV: Pulisic to Real Madrid rumors, USWNT and Canada draw 1-1”

USfanTV: We’re sending the kids to Portugal, and we like it that way!

Our roster for next week’s friendly with Portugal is kind of….. exciting?

Look, it’s not where we wanted to be right now. I’d much rather hate this roster, but be qualified for the World Cup. But given the situation, I’m choosing to be happy.

Here’s who we’re sending: Continue reading “USfanTV: We’re sending the kids to Portugal, and we like it that way!”

USfanTV: Do the US players deserve verbal abuse from fans?

Jurgen Klinsmann told us this day would come.

A few years ago, he talked about the difference in pressure players feel in Europe compared to America. I’m paraphrasing here, but he said players in Europe can’t escape the pressure–if they’re in line for a coffee some fan will come up and give him an earful after a poor performance.

Jozy Altidore felt a bit of that Monday night in his home state of New Jersey, as the Red Bulls fans relentlessly booed the USMNT striker. Some went farther than that, questioning his American-ness and insulting his religion (Altidore was raised Jehovah’s Witness, and does not sing the Star Spangled Banner or hold his hand on his heart before games). Continue reading “USfanTV: Do the US players deserve verbal abuse from fans?”

USfanTV: I’m about to cheat on the USMNT

Other than a handful of Gold Cup doubleheaders, I’ve never seen an international soccer match that didn’t include the US. That’s about to change.

I’m going to Germany next March with the family, and it just so happens Deutschland is hosting Brazil at the Olympiastadion in Berlin while we’re there. Tickets went on sale yesterday, and I managed to grab a few.

So, since we’re talking about the two most successful nations of all time, you’d think tickets might be expensive, right? Nope. I paid around $29 per seat. Besides the cost to ship the tickets to the US, there were no bullshit fees on top of that, either. I think the last time I paid less than that for a US match was US-Mexico in 2005, which was, unbelievably, $20. I paid something like $120 per ticket for obstructed view seats for the World Cup Qualifier in Denver over the summer. It’s not just the US, either. I saw Arsenal and Watford at the Emirates Stadium a couple years ago, and that ticket was $105 for an upper deck seat behind the goal. All of those prices are primary market, too. I didn’t go through a secondary market broker for any of those. Continue reading “USfanTV: I’m about to cheat on the USMNT”

USfanTV: Sam Allardyce? Laurent Blanc? Who’s gonna turn this thing around?

By the time we play our newly-announced friendly in Portugal next month, someone will be coaching the United States Men’s National Team. I highly suspect it’ll be someone like Tab Ramos on an interim basis, because there’s no reason US Soccer needs to rush the search for our next coach.

We learned yesterday that former France and PSG Manager Laurent Blanc and current pie enthusiast Sam Allardyce are both interested in managing our boys. Given the choice, I’d probably take Blanc, but even still, he seems like a show-up-when-all-the-pieces-are-in-place guy. Clearly, this isn’t France or PSG. The pieces are not in place here.

As for Allardyce, I’ll pass.  Continue reading “USfanTV: Sam Allardyce? Laurent Blanc? Who’s gonna turn this thing around?”

USfanTV: What does US Soccer do now?

Again, last night’s show was as much a therapy session as it was a brainstorm on how to improve soccer in the US. But it absolutely wasn’t a hot take fest. There’s been enough of that over the last couple days.

Sunil Out. Arena Out. Institute pro/rel. Kill pay-to-play. Everybody’s got an idea, and while they’re all valid, I don’t think any of them are the one single thing that will make us suddenly win the World Cup.

We’re simply not a soccer nation, yet. Now, if you’re reading this or regularly watching our shows, that might be tough to believe. There’s enough soccer in the US now that it’s easy to live in our bubble and pretend. But here’s the easiest way to tell: think about SportsCenter after we failed to qualify (minus Taylor Twellman’s awesome rant). Think about your local newspaper the next morning, or your local TV newscast. Pretty much everywhere else in the world, a failure to qualify for the World Cup–especially in the fashion we did–would be the top story. Players wouldn’t be able to go out in public anytime soon (and, I think it’s fairly ridiculous to, say, walk up to Jozy Altidore and tell him to fuck off, but it’s a fact. People do that kind of thing). Continue reading “USfanTV: What does US Soccer do now?”