About Us

We are USfanTV.

We’re two rabid US Men’s National Soccer Team fans who’ve been attending several matches a year since the early 2000s. This is a site for us–and you–to share our opinions on all things US Soccer, from Bruce’s lineups to Nike’s ever-changing fashion choices. You can find us on Twitter at @USfanTV, and online at usfantv.com, but you already figured that out, didn’t you?

Pat McCraney is a writer, soccer dad, and Emmy-award winning former television producer and reporter. He’s worked for TV stations around Illinois and Wisconsin, and has written for several newspapers, websites, and the Arsenal matchday programme. As a bald man, you’d be inclined to stick him in goal. Oswaldo Sanchez once gave him the middle finger. Tweet him at @patrickmccraney.

Chris Combs is a communications professional, photographer and former television producer. He still remembers watching the 1982 World Cup before he truly understood what soccer was. He didn’t know he had a ticket to US-Switzerland in the 1994 World Cup until the game was already underway 300 miles away. And his love of Slobo Ilijevski and Valderrama’s hair know no bounds. Tweet him at @finetoothcombs.