USfanTV: Goodbye, 2017.

That’s a wrap. When we started USfanTV back in October 2016, we thought 2018 would be an exciting time. But here we are, rolling into 2018, and there’s not a competitive USMNT game in site.

Gotham district attorney Harvey Dent once said, “The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.”

I think Harvey may be right, but the dawn seems a long way off. Sure, we’ve got guys like Pulisic, McKinnie, Sargent, Adams, Klinsmann, Parks, Gonzalez and a whole lot coming up through the ranks. But five years from now, what will this look like? Will we be a leaner, meaner national team program, ready to compete for trophies? Will it be more of the same problems? Will President Hope Solo have just fired her ninth head coach after punching him in the face? Who knows?

So I’m choosing to focus my hope and attention on the club careers of our biggest youth stars, many of whom are smart enough and talented enough to be playing in the best league in the world for young stars, Germany’s Bundesliga. Sure, we won’t be in Russia, but there really is a lot to be excited about. And the World Cup will still be fun even though we’re not invited to the party.

Between the US hating trolls and the pro/rel militants and Chris bitching about referees, the soccer world, especially on Twitter, is often filled with a lot of negativity. But isn’t this supposed to be a fun diversion from the shitty parts of life? That’s why I’m choosing to be positive going forward.

So, here’s to 2018. It’s not what we expected it would be, but not much in life ever is.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We’ll see you in January!


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