USfanTV: MLS Conference Finals and more!

Busy show last night! We talked MLS Conference Finals, #SaveTheCrew, Christian Pulisic’s glowing write-up in the Independent, CONCACAF’s League of Nations, hats, Chris’ Internet strength and more! There’s no show this Thursday because of Thanksgiving, so have a great week and we’ll see you next Tuesday!

USfanTV: Wait, wait. We’re serious about this World Cup losers tournament?

At USfanTV, we’ve long been on record for hating the every-other-year Gold Cup. We think it’s a giant waste of time, and an obvious cash grab. Every other confederation does one big tournament every four years, and so should CONCACAF.

But as much as we dislike it, we still go to at least one match every time. We still give them our money, even though we know we’re supporting a crap product. We just can’t stop. We are the problem.

So, with word coming out yesterday after our 1-1 draw with Portugal that US Soccer really is trying to create a tournament of World Cup rejects, we’re stuck with the same sort of feelings. Continue reading “USfanTV: Wait, wait. We’re serious about this World Cup losers tournament?”

USfanTV: Pulisic to Real Madrid rumors, USWNT and Canada draw 1-1

It’s the international break, so papers need content, and “team-is-looking-at-player” stories are usually easy to whip up. In that spirit, “El Gol” in Spain says Real Madrid are looking at Christian Pulisic and Julian Weigl.

Some questions:

Is this story true? Probably, at least in the sense that every big team is probably looking at every prospect as a possible target. So, yeah, Real is looking at Pulisic. Real is looking at everyone. As good as he’s been, though, it doesn’t seem crazy that they’d actually seriously consider him. Continue reading “USfanTV: Pulisic to Real Madrid rumors, USWNT and Canada draw 1-1”

USfanTV: We’re sending the kids to Portugal, and we like it that way!

Our roster for next week’s friendly with Portugal is kind of….. exciting?

Look, it’s not where we wanted to be right now. I’d much rather hate this roster, but be qualified for the World Cup. But given the situation, I’m choosing to be happy.

Here’s who we’re sending: Continue reading “USfanTV: We’re sending the kids to Portugal, and we like it that way!”

USfanTV: Do the US players deserve verbal abuse from fans?

Jurgen Klinsmann told us this day would come.

A few years ago, he talked about the difference in pressure players feel in Europe compared to America. I’m paraphrasing here, but he said players in Europe can’t escape the pressure–if they’re in line for a coffee some fan will come up and give him an earful after a poor performance.

Jozy Altidore felt a bit of that Monday night in his home state of New Jersey, as the Red Bulls fans relentlessly booed the USMNT striker. Some went farther than that, questioning his American-ness and insulting his religion (Altidore was raised Jehovah’s Witness, and does not sing the Star Spangled Banner or hold his hand on his heart before games). Continue reading “USfanTV: Do the US players deserve verbal abuse from fans?”