USfanTV: I’m about to cheat on the USMNT

Other than a handful of Gold Cup doubleheaders, I’ve never seen an international soccer match that didn’t include the US. That’s about to change.

I’m going to Germany next March with the family, and it just so happens Deutschland is hosting Brazil at the Olympiastadion in Berlin while we’re there. Tickets went on sale yesterday, and I managed to grab a few.

So, since we’re talking about the two most successful nations of all time, you’d think tickets might be expensive, right? Nope. I paid around $29 per seat. Besides the cost to ship the tickets to the US, there were no bullshit fees on top of that, either. I think the last time I paid less than that for a US match was US-Mexico in 2005, which was, unbelievably, $20. I paid something like $120 per ticket for obstructed view seats for the World Cup Qualifier in Denver over the summer. It’s not just the US, either. I saw Arsenal and Watford at the Emirates Stadium a couple years ago, and that ticket was $105 for an upper deck seat behind the goal. All of those prices are primary market, too. I didn’t go through a secondary market broker for any of those. Continue reading “USfanTV: I’m about to cheat on the USMNT”

USfanTV: Sam Allardyce? Laurent Blanc? Who’s gonna turn this thing around?

By the time we play our newly-announced friendly in Portugal next month, someone will be coaching the United States Men’s National Team. I highly suspect it’ll be someone like Tab Ramos on an interim basis, because there’s no reason US Soccer needs to rush the search for our next coach.

We learned yesterday that former France and PSG Manager Laurent Blanc and current pie enthusiast Sam Allardyce are both interested in managing our boys. Given the choice, I’d probably take Blanc, but even still, he seems like a show-up-when-all-the-pieces-are-in-place guy. Clearly, this isn’t France or PSG. The pieces are not in place here.

As for Allardyce, I’ll pass.  Continue reading “USfanTV: Sam Allardyce? Laurent Blanc? Who’s gonna turn this thing around?”

USfanTV: What does US Soccer do now?

Again, last night’s show was as much a therapy session as it was a brainstorm on how to improve soccer in the US. But it absolutely wasn’t a hot take fest. There’s been enough of that over the last couple days.

Sunil Out. Arena Out. Institute pro/rel. Kill pay-to-play. Everybody’s got an idea, and while they’re all valid, I don’t think any of them are the one single thing that will make us suddenly win the World Cup.

We’re simply not a soccer nation, yet. Now, if you’re reading this or regularly watching our shows, that might be tough to believe. There’s enough soccer in the US now that it’s easy to live in our bubble and pretend. But here’s the easiest way to tell: think about SportsCenter after we failed to qualify (minus Taylor Twellman’s awesome rant). Think about your local newspaper the next morning, or your local TV newscast. Pretty much everywhere else in the world, a failure to qualify for the World Cup–especially in the fashion we did–would be the top story. Players wouldn’t be able to go out in public anytime soon (and, I think it’s fairly ridiculous to, say, walk up to Jozy Altidore and tell him to fuck off, but it’s a fact. People do that kind of thing). Continue reading “USfanTV: What does US Soccer do now?”

The US misses the 2018 World Cup

We needed a draw to control our own destiny, and we didn’t get it.

So the USMNT isn’t going to Russia. We’re not going to the World Cup. As badly as we played at times during this cycle, it still doesn’t feel real.

But honestly? We don’t deserve to go. Whether it was Bruce or Jurgen, there was one overarching theme for all of the Hex: We couldn’t score when teams sat back in a shell. We weren’t good enough on the ball to break teams down. A fluke goal flies off Omar Gonzalez’ foot and into our net, and it seemed to seal our fate.

Three years ago, on 10/10, we saw Landon Donovan play for the last time. Tonight, on 10/10, we probably saw the end of a lot of guys. Tim Howard, almost for sure. Same for Clint Dempsey, who will likely stay tied with Donovan at the top of the scoring chart until someone passes them both. Michael Bradley? We’ll probably see him again, but for what? There’s almost no chance he’s around for the next World Cup.

So what’s this mean for USfanTV? Honestly, we don’t know. Chris and I started this channel a year ago, and we’re blown away you’ve all followed along as this thing grew to where it is now. We’ve batted around some ideas in case this day came—maybe it’s an MLS show, maybe we talk about the youth teams and our players abroad, maybe we do a Bundesliga-focused show since we have so many guys playing there.

I don’t know right now if we’ll be back on YouTube Thursday night. Hell, I don’t know if we’ll be back at all. We’re just letting all of this sink in right now. If you have ideas on what you’d like to see us do, feel free to share.

Thanks to everyone who’s watched us along the way. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. And after a quick breather, hopefully we’ll be back with something cool.

Until then, you’re done.


USfanTV: USA 4 Panama 0 – On the brink of the World Cup

One more and we’re in. One more and we can put this crap Hex behind us.

The USMNT came out guns blazing against Panama, scoring twice in the first 25 minutes off a brilliant Christian Pulisic run and a Pulisic-to-Jozy Altidore combo, then scored twice more off an Altidore Panenka penalty and a Bobby Wood strike to put themselves on the brink of qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Continue reading “USfanTV: USA 4 Panama 0 – On the brink of the World Cup”

USfanTV: Two days until USA-Panama. How are you feeling?

All of the questions will be answered soon. We’re two days away from the USA-Panama match in Orlando, which should give us a clear picture of whether we’ll make it to the World Cup. Four days after that, in Trinidad, we’ll know for sure: we’re in, we’re headed to the Asian playoff, or we’re out.

So how are you feeling? Like I said to start USfanTV last night, I’m not confident. But as poor as we looked in the last two matches, looking at it logically, I think we’ll qualify. Continue reading “USfanTV: Two days until USA-Panama. How are you feeling?”