USfanTV: Pulisic dominates, plus Lynden Gooch’s big game, and is Julian Green leaving Stuttgart?

I had a dream I went to Dortmund last night. It went something like this: my wife and I were in Paris, and I managed to secure two $970 train tickets to make it to Dortmund in time to see BVB play Hertha Berlin. I felt the price of the train tickets was reasonable considering it gave me the chance to see Christian Pulisic play live, and see the Yellow Wall in person. Because my dreams rarely make it to the end, I don’t know if I ever got to see the match.

So this is where we are. I’m having dreams about almost getting to see a soccer match.

After a week off, we were back for another live show on YouTube last night. And as much as we try to discuss other things, Mr. Pulisic dominated our conversation again. His goal and assist over the weekend were outstanding, and basically said to the world, “Dembele Who?” Every time we ask ourselves if we’re hyping him too much, every time we wonder if we’re all putting too much pressure on an 18-year-old, he manages to amaze us.

It’s not just on the field, either. He seems like a kind, self aware, poised person off the field, too.

We also looked at Lynden Gooch’s strong match in the League Cup, which I’m told is the Carabao Cup this season. I still don’t get why that competition exists, but I’m glad Gooch did well in it!

We’re back Thursday night, when we’ll finally be talking about next week’s qualifier with Costa Rica. Thanks for all your support, and be sure to like and follow and subscribe on all our various social media channels. And remember: Snapchat sucks.

Pat McCraney co-hosts USfanTV on YouTube every Tuesday and Thursday night at 9 p.m. eastern. Follow him on Twitter: @patrickmccraney. Follow USfanTV: @usfantv.

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