USfanTV Live: Is Kellyn Acosta the next USMNT star?

We’re off to Nashville for Saturday’s USMNT-Panama Gold Cup opener, but before we leave we knocked out a quick show where we look ahead to the match, express our sadness over Kenny Saief’s injury, complain about FIFA’s flawed rankings that now have us at 35th, ask whether Kellyn Acosta is the next US superstar. and debate how hot we’re willing to go at Hattie B’s Hot Chicken tomorrow night.

By the way, we love Hattie B’s Hot Chicken. When we’re in Nashville, Hattie B’s is USfanTV’s chicken of choice.

We also love Kellyn Acosta. But can he be a superstar? Depends on your criteria. I’m not sure the US has ever had a global soccer superstar. Maybe Christian Pulisic can get to that point. But I absolutely think Acosta can be a USMNT superstar–up there with guys like Landon, Deuce, Bradley, Howard, and the soon-to-be-there-if-not-already Pulisic. And if Acosta jumps to a good European club in the next year or two–perhaps after the 2018 World Cup–maybe he can be more than a US star. He’s smart, fast, a solid defender, a great passer, and he has a deadly free kick. Worst case, Acosta’s game means we don’t need Jermaine Jones anymore, and that’s already a good thing for the Yanks.

Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. We’ll be posting videos and photos all weekend from Nashville. We’ll also have a post-match show Saturday, although you might have to wait a half-hour or so while we find decent wifi. Going live using a cell signal isn’t always pretty–we found that out when I was in Denver last month.

We hope to see you in Nashville. Go USA!


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