USfanTV Live: USA v. Ghana preview, plus FC Cincy, Mexico and more!

Well, I’m never betting against Germany again.

As you no doubt recall, I said Mexico would find a way to beat the German B team. But eight minutes into the match, it became clear I’m an idiot. This got me thinking–maybe I should pick our rivals to the south for every match from now on. Maybe it’s some kind of curse I’ve created? We can only hope.

Also on last night’s show, we talked about FC Cincinnati’s national TV win over the Chicago Fire. For non-soccer fans, it was a great example of how a scoreless game can actually be incredible. Based on some of the tweets I saw, I think others agreed. Fantastic atmosphere, a lower division side going up against one of MLS’s top teams (that’s still very strange to write, but I’ll take it), and the College World Series ending one game early allowing the match to get on ESPN in the first place–everything came together for this one. I’m sad my favorite MLS team is out, but I’m pulling for Cincinnati the rest of the way.

Finally, we looked ahead to our friendly with Ghana in Connecticut this weekend. Here’s how Chris has our guys lining up:

Dwyer / Roldan / Saief-Bedoya / Acosta-McCarty / Villafana-Hedges-Omar-Zusi / Guzan.

We think Bruce will likely stick with something very close to this for both the Ghana friendly and the Panama Gold Cup opener in Nashville, then he’ll rotate for Martinique and Nicaragua.

Should be interesting. And because it’s USA-Ghana, I’ll say it’s 2-1, with Dwyer, Acosta and David Accam doing the scoring. And as you might remember from the beginning of this piece, I’m excellent at predictions.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: We WILL have a post-match show for you Saturday, although there’s a chance it won’t be immediately after the match. We’ll let you know tomorrow on our social media channels. Chris is planning to be live at The Highbury Pub in Milwaukee, so if you’re from the area, go find him and jump on the show with us!


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