USfanTV Live: Chandler Out, Brooks to Wolfsburg, and more USMNT happenings

We decided to move Tuesday night’s show up eight or so hours to make it Tuesday afternoon’s show, which ended up working out well since there was more to talk about than we’ve seen in a long time.

To recap:

  • Timmy Chandler is dropping out of the next two qualifiers because of a hamstring injury, although it may be a “hamstring injury”
  • John Brooks is rumored to be leaving Hertha Berlin for Wolfsburg, in a move worth 17 million Euros, making him, potentially, the most expensive US player of all time, at least until Real Madrid buys Christian Pulisic
  • The roster is out! I know, seems like old news by now, but we haven’t done a show since it dropped. Mostly pretty good, but there are a few questions in there. What does Eric Lichaj have to do to get a call up, by the way?
  • The U20s look to keep rolling Thursday morning against New Zealand
  • David Wagner is the latest American coach in the Premier League, after Huddersfield Town knocked off Danny Williams’ Reading in the Championship Playoff
  • Pulisic’s drawn penalty helps BVB lift the German Cup.

So, yeah, pretty busy. Thanks to everyone who watched the show live, and if you missed it, just watch it at the normal time tonight and pretend. Speaking of, we’ll be back to the normal time–8 pm central time, Thursday night. Then, I’ll solo a very special USfanTV Live Saturday night after the Venezuela match, and I’ll hit the road next week for live shows from the US World Cup Qualifier against Trinidad and Tobago in Denver.

Thanks for watching, subscribing, liking, following–all that stuff. See you Thursday. Come on you Yanks!



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