USfanTV Live: Why the Copa America expansion idea is fantastic, and Chris’ disappearing act

Last night’s show had a bit of a rocky start.

Conveniently, Chris’ internet connection decided to reset itself 30 seconds into our show. There was a point where I wasn’t even sure I was on, but I kept going, all while texting Chris to get back on there.

But you know what? I fought through. FOR YOU. I am an internet warrior.

Anyway, we spent the first chunk of the show talking about the Globo report that the 2019 Copa America could include the USA, Mexico, two European teams, and two Asian teams–making it, essentially, a mini-World Cup. Chris and I missed out on the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, but if this happens, we’re going. As Jurgen Klinsmann always said, the US needs to be playing the best teams as much as possible. This seems like a perfect opportunity to do that. And while a lot of people thought the 2016 Copa America Centenario was a lame one-off, I loved it. 

I can’t remember how we got on the subject, but we also spent a good chunk talking about the US-Mexico rivalry, and our fears that over-the-top political correctness could lessen it. To be clear: I think deporting hardworking, good Mexican people living in the US is idiotic. I think hating El Tri for 90 minutes while our countries are playing is unbelievably fun. You should not confuse the two.

We just crossed the 300 subscriber mark on YouTube, so thanks to everyone for subscribing. We’re also close to 500 Twitter followers, so hopefully we can break that mark, too. As for Facebook…. we’ll get better. We promise.

See you Tuesday night!



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