USfanTV Live: Is Dom Dwyer better than Jozy Altidore?

You know that feeling when you get a shiny new thing, and you automatically assume it’s better than your old thing? But it might not be? That’s kind of how I feel about Dom Dwyer right now. I’ve always been a fan. And with Mr. Leroux set to represent the US sometime in the very near future, I pose this question: Is Dywer better than Jozy Altidore?

This, of course, assumes that Bobby Wood is our best forward at the moment, because he is. And it also assumes that Clint Dempsey will play something other than a traditional forward role for us going forward. But is Dwyer really better? Should be really start over Jozy? He and Jozy both have five goals this MLS season. But I’d say until we see what Dwyer can do in the red, white and blue, Jozy is the better forward for the USMNT. I really hope Dwyer gets a shot at the Gold Cup this summer, although the list of guys we want to see “get a shot at the Gold Cup” is getting a little too long. They’re not all gonna make it.

They obviously play quite a bit differently, so it’s hard to draw a direct comparison, but I still think Jozy has the edge. That said, let’s trot out Dwyer and see what he can do. Hot take, I know.

Also on last night’s show: we talked more about the U17s, and their rip-roaring run through the CONCACAF tournament in Panama. If they do their jobs today against Cuba, they’ll have Mexico or Costa Rica in the final on Sunday.  And, we asked what US Soccer should do with the $100 million cash reserve it’s sitting on at the moment.

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