USfanTV Live: Chandler Out, Brooks to Wolfsburg, and more USMNT happenings

We decided to move Tuesday night’s show up eight or so hours to make it Tuesday afternoon’s show, which ended up working out well since there was more to talk about than we’ve seen in a long time.

To recap:

  • Timmy Chandler is dropping out of the next two qualifiers because of a hamstring injury, although it may be a “hamstring injury”
  • John Brooks is rumored to be leaving Hertha Berlin for Wolfsburg, in a move worth 17 million Euros, making him, potentially, the most expensive US player of all time, at least until Real Madrid buys Christian Pulisic
  • The roster is out! I know, seems like old news by now, but we haven’t done a show since it dropped. Mostly pretty good, but there are a few questions in there. What does Eric Lichaj have to do to get a call up, by the way?
  • The U20s look to keep rolling Thursday morning against New Zealand
  • David Wagner is the latest American coach in the Premier League, after Huddersfield Town knocked off Danny Williams’ Reading in the Championship Playoff
  • Pulisic’s drawn penalty helps BVB lift the German Cup.

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USfanTV: The Josh Sargent Hype Train Rolls On

Josh Sargent scored a ridiculous, absolute world class goal to give the US U20s the win against Senegal, putting us in great position to advance out of the group stage. He’s doing awesome things so regularly now, it’s almost as if he wakes up and says, “How can I get USfanTV to stop talking about Christian Pulisic and start talking about me.” I mean, it has to be the case, right?

USfanTV Live: What do we do with Josh Sargent? Plus: Our WCQ roster picks

After Josh Sargent’s two goals in the US-Ecuador U20 World Cup match, should Bruce Arena give him a spot at the Gold Cup this summer? Or, at the very least, bring Sargent in to camp and let him train with the guys?

We say an actual roster spot (especially with playing time) might be a bit much for him at this point, but all he’s done is impress everywhere he’s gone. He should absolutely be allowed to join the guys at camp–if anything, he can absorb the atmosphere and learn a thing or two about his future team.

Meantime, we unveiled who we think will make the roster for the upcoming qualifiers in Denver and Mexico City.  Take a look: Continue reading “USfanTV Live: What do we do with Josh Sargent? Plus: Our WCQ roster picks”

USfanTV Live: Would you rather a US coach or a US player in the Premier League?

US international Danny Williams takes on former US international David Wagner May 29 in the Championship playoff final–and either Williams’ Reading or Wagner’s Huddersfield will grab the final spot in the 2017-18 Premier League. So, who would you rather see make it? On one hand, it stands to benefit the USMNT to have Williams in the Premier League. We’ve had a shortage of players in England lately, so it would be good to see Williams come up, especially as we see Lynden Gooch’s Sunderland drop to the Championship. Continue reading “USfanTV Live: Would you rather a US coach or a US player in the Premier League?”

USfanTV Live: Will Emerson Hyndman miss the Gold Cup?

If you regularly watch our show, you know we have a list of guys we’d like to see get a call up for the Gold Cup, whether it’s for cap-tying purposes, or just because we want to see them play. After his stellar loan at Rangers, Emerson Hyndman was always at the top of that list. Well, now it looks like a foot injury may keep him out of the July tournament.

The good news: we’re around two weeks from the start of USMNT camp, 17 days until our first friendly (June 3 vs. Venezuela in Salt Lake City), and 22 days until we take on Trinidad and Tobago in Denver.  I can’t wait, not only for the improved show topics (although, to be fair, your questions during the live streams keep us going), but because I’ll be in Denver for that first qualifier, attempting to do my half of our show live from the stadium. What could possibly go wrong?

See you Thursday.


USfanTV Live: Why the Copa America expansion idea is fantastic, and Chris’ disappearing act

Last night’s show had a bit of a rocky start.

Conveniently, Chris’ internet connection decided to reset itself 30 seconds into our show. There was a point where I wasn’t even sure I was on, but I kept going, all while texting Chris to get back on there.

But you know what? I fought through. FOR YOU. I am an internet warrior.

Anyway, we spent the first chunk of the show talking about the Globo report that the 2019 Copa America could include the USA, Mexico, two European teams, and two Asian teams–making it, essentially, a mini-World Cup. Chris and I missed out on the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, but if this happens, we’re going. As Jurgen Klinsmann always said, the US needs to be playing the best teams as much as possible. This seems like a perfect opportunity to do that. And while a lot of people thought the 2016 Copa America Centenario was a lame one-off, I loved it.  Continue reading “USfanTV Live: Why the Copa America expansion idea is fantastic, and Chris’ disappearing act”

USfanTV Live: Is FIFA robbing us? And is Brad Guzan toast?

My younger son is coming up on two-years-old, and he recently discovered the movie “Cars.” He watches it non-stop. It’s actually on right now as I type this.

In the beginning of the movie, we’re introduced to the three main racing rivals: “The King”–the longtime champ, Chick Hicks–the number two guy who can never seem to break through because he isn’t quite good enough, and Lightning McQueen–the hotshot rookie who’s set to take the reigns from “The King” as the new number one guy.

We talked about Brad Guzan’s nutmeg treble for ‘Boro on last night’s USfanTV, and whether he’ll have anything left for the USMNT once Tim Howard finally steps down, and I had a thought: Tim Howard is The King, and Brad Guzan is Chick Hicks. The problem is, we don’t have a Lightning McQueen. We have bunch of guys (Luis Robles, Bill Hamid) who might be able to take the USMNT starting goalkeeper job for a bit. But we have no Lightning McQueen. Continue reading “USfanTV Live: Is FIFA robbing us? And is Brad Guzan toast?”

USfanTV Live: Is Dom Dwyer better than Jozy Altidore?

You know that feeling when you get a shiny new thing, and you automatically assume it’s better than your old thing? But it might not be? That’s kind of how I feel about Dom Dwyer right now. I’ve always been a fan. And with Mr. Leroux set to represent the US sometime in the very near future, I pose this question: Is Dywer better than Jozy Altidore? Continue reading “USfanTV Live: Is Dom Dwyer better than Jozy Altidore?”

USfanTV Live: Are you worried about Gedion Zelalem?

Remember the hype when Gedion Zelalem’s paperwork went through, and he was officially eligible to represent the USA? You would have thought we signed Messi or Ronaldo. But more than two years later, Zelalem still hasn’t earned his first US cap. He’s on loan at VVV Venlo, where he isn’t getting a ton of time. What’s more, his Arsenal career may be over (although, who the hell really knows what’s going on there–maybe he’s better off leaving that dumpster fire behind).  Continue reading “USfanTV Live: Are you worried about Gedion Zelalem?”