USfanTV Live: U17s Beat Mexico, and Pat’s weird USfanTV dream

Last night was a pretty packed show: The USA U17s beat Mexico in a qualifier for the first time ever, Christian Pulisic and Timmy Chandler will face off in the DFB Pokal final, and Omar Gonzalez lifts the CONCACAF Champions League trophy with Pachuca.

And, on top of that, I shared the details of my first ever dream about USfanTV. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

Thanks for watching, following, liking and sharing. We had one of our biggest viewership weeks ever last week, and we’re poised to top it this week. Pretty cool. You guys are the best.

Speaking of you guys–you need a name. Plenty of shows have a name for the people who watch or listen to that show–think “GFOPs” for Men in Blazers. What should we call you? We need your ideas!

See you Tuesday, everyone.

USfanTV Live: Timmy Chandler works his ass off in the German Cup, and will Pulisic get the start today?

Timmy Chandler busted his ass, playing through a couple of tough tackles to go the entire 120 minutes for Eintracht Frankfurt in their win over Borussia Monchengladbach in the DFB Pokal Cup. He recorded his team’s only assist in the 1-1 match, and they advanced to the final after penalties, where they’ll play either Bayern Munich or America’s Team–Borussia Dortmund.

This is, of course, the same Timmy Chandler who often draws the ire of US fans for his poor play and lack of heart. But is he actually bad and lazy when he plays for the US? Or was he a victim of poor tactics?¬† Continue reading “USfanTV Live: Timmy Chandler works his ass off in the German Cup, and will Pulisic get the start today?”

USfanTV Live: Where is Bobby Wood going next?

The German publication BILD reports Borussia Dortmund want to sign Bobby Wood–our favorite Hawaiian since Brian Ching–to back up Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this summer. Does this make any sense? Maybe not. Is it even true? Probably not. Did we let that stop us from talking about it? No, because yesterday was REALLY slow. Bild is somewhere between the Washington Post and, well, USfanTV in its level of reliability, but it still made for a fun topic. Continue reading “USfanTV Live: Where is Bobby Wood going next?”

USfanTV Live: Do you shout insults at USMNT guys when they’re playing against your club?

We spent a good chunk of our Tuesday night show talking about Tim Howard’s three-game suspension. Chris started the show with a song (go watch the very beginning if you haven’t seen it), and we looked at whether he got the shaft from MLS, and the bigger picture of whether you’d openly taunt a national team guy when he’s playing against your club.

If you missed it, Timmy told some Sporting KC fans that he fucked their moms after they lobbed insults his direction. If that’s all he did to warrant a three game suspension, that’s pretty weak. But, there are reports he either grabbed or shoved another fan at one point. That, obviously, would change things.

Continue reading “USfanTV Live: Do you shout insults at USMNT guys when they’re playing against your club?”

USfanTV Live: Can the USMNT really start thinking about winning the World Cup soon?

During a recent interview with FourFourTwo, US coach Bruce Arena said, “I think 2026 will be the time where we are going to start thinking about winning a World Cup, to be honest with you.”

Sure, since we might be (mostly) hosting the 2026 World Cup, that helps. But will we actually have the talent to do it by then? Christian Pulisic might be world class at that point, but how many more Pulisics will we have by then? Hell, Messi’s Argentina teams have never won one. How will we?

As Chris pointed out, it doesn’t take a huge collection of stars to win. It takes a great team, a good dose of luck, and maybe some home field advantage. It’s still not likely, but if you don’t think in terms of winning a World Cup, you never will.

We also talked about how unfair it was to Borussia Dortmund to have to play 24 hours after terrorists tried to kill them, and we asked to see your ridiculous designs for our future USfanTV scarves. Send us your worst.

Keep on truckin’, America. See you Tuesday night!

USfanTV Live: Breaking down the details of the World Cup menage a trois

We had our first show last night since the US, Canada, and Mexico announced plans for a joint bid to host the 2026 World Cup. Not surprisingly, Chris hates the idea, and I think giving 10 games each to Mexico and Canada in exchange for what had better be a sure-to-win bid is a good idea.

Sure, we could do it alone. And with Asia and Europe not able to bid, we’d be up against South America (which has no plans to bid) and Africa (which may not, either). So we’d be the frontrunner to get this thing either way. But if adding Canada and Mexico actually does fast-track the vote and get it locked up next year, it’ll be a good idea. If not, Chris will be right, and nobody needs that. Continue reading “USfanTV Live: Breaking down the details of the World Cup menage a trois”

USfanTV Live: USA 4 Russia 0, and the “Devil’s Threeway” World Cup Bid

The USWNT looked like themselves again last night, thrashing Russia 4-0 in a game that could have been 12-0 if it weren’t for some bad luck, poor finishing at times, and about 30 offside calls. It was good to see, but it’s tough to gauge how “back” they really are when they’re playing a team that can’t get the ball out of their own half.

Oh, and Rose Lavelle is really fun to watch. I assume Putin’s gonna have a few of those defenders she megged killed with plutonium in their Gatorade or something. Disgrace to Mother Russia! Also: the US came out in all-red, and Russia wore white with red and blue trim. We’ve basically swapped our Cold War jersey colors. Things are definitely strange these days. Continue reading “USfanTV Live: USA 4 Russia 0, and the “Devil’s Threeway” World Cup Bid”

USfanTV Live: Is Jermaine Jones right about his haters?

So we both forgot to mention this on last night’s show, but USfanTV is now six months old! When we started this, we’d do these shows and literally no one would watch. We’d just be talking to each other. Now, tons of you show up religiously every Tuesday and Thursday night, which is so, so cool. We actually just crossed 250 subscriptions yesterday as well, so from¬†both of us–thanks!

Last night we looked at Jermaine Jones’ recent comments, talking about how he’s unfairly criticized when the US loses. Here’s my long-standing opinion on Jermaine: he’s a warrior, plays hard, speaks his mind, and he’s got some skills. At the same time, increasingly, I don’t like him paired with Michael Bradley. We just don’t look as fluid when both of those guys are out there at the same time. Is that Jermaine’s fault? I don’t know. We’d have to know what his instructions were from Bruce, and whether he was doing the job he was given.

Continue reading “USfanTV Live: Is Jermaine Jones right about his haters?”

Messi on the USMNT?

Move over Hershey Messi, the USMNT are looking to get the Messi Messi!

“These uniforms don’t look so bad now, do they?!” screamed Sunil Gulati.

Numerous sports outlets in Argentina say Lionel Messi has filed his one-time FIFA switch and plans to play for the United States!

Will we call ourselves Champions or Campeones at next year’s World Cup?