USfanTV Live: We break down the new USMNT jersey, thread by thread

I don’t hate the new jersey. You know what I do hate? When I was texting photos of the jersey to Chris, autocorrect wanted to make “new jersey” into “New Jersey” every time, like it was a new, Sopranos edition of the USMNT jersey. Hell, maybe it is. Maybe it’s just a blood soaked white jersey. Maybe I’ll get “Moltisanti #99” on the back.

But seriously, I don’t hate it–I just miss seeing a new design from Nike and thinking, “I have to go spend $90 on that the day it comes out.” We talk about the jersey, Clint Dempsey’s comeback, Bobby Wood (with the official Bobby Wood song), Fabian Johnson, Julian Green, and Grant Wahl’s excellent podcast with Sunil Gulati. For having a whole lot of nothing to talk about, it turned out to be a pretty good show.

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