USfanTV Live: 2017 USMNT Predictions, Players to Watch

I love this sport. I love the creativity, and the tactics, and the passion. But, in a way, I also hate it. I hate that the teams I like–the USMNT, Arsenal and the Chicago Fire, more often than not find a way to disappoint me in the end (to be fair, I expect it from the Fire–it’s the other two that get my hopes up only to crush me).

With that said, Chris and I share our USMNT predictions for 2017. Will we win the Gold Cup? Will we win at Azteca? Will we even qualify for the World Cup? We gave our predictions last night on USfanTV Live on YouTube, and if you get the sense I’m bracing myself for disappointment, you’re not wrong.

We also each gave our five players to watch in 2017, and took some good questions from viewers, too. Take a look, and if you haven’t yet, subscribe!

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