Christian Pulisic, your average, 18-year-old superstar


I’m still cracking up over Christian Pulisic’s Facebook Live chat yesterday. In case you missed it, he held court with fans (and even some teammates), answering questions for around 20 minutes, and he could not have seemed more down-to-Earth.

Christian is home at his parents’ house in Hershey, PA for the Bundesliga break, and when you hear him speak, it’s almost odd how confident and yet normal he seems.

On one hand, Pulisic seems like an average college-aged kid home for winter break, hanging out with his cat and his sister. On the other hand, he seems smart enough to fully understand everything he’s experiencing, and confident enough to not let it spook him. Most superstar athletes his age are either egotistical maniacs, complete morons, or cliche-spitting robots. I spent a few years covering college sports, and dudes like Christian are INCREDIBLY rare.

He likes Justin Bieber and Gossip Girl, and made fun of himself for being “girly.” He laughed off a question about his favorite German beers. His sister joked that he’s “perfect.” Ethan Horvath even chimed in–apparently the two have been roommates for the USMNT and have struck up a friendship.

Seriously, this dude burst onto the scene not even a year ago, and now people think he’s our first chance to have a truly world-class field player. And, yet, he seemed completely relaxed, actually gave interesting answers to both soccer and non-soccer questions, and even had the poise to ignore the few trolls. Even if his career flames out–and I seriously doubt it will–he strikes me as a good dude who will be successful at whatever he tries. Bravo to his parents.


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