We’re number twenty-eight! That’s two better than thirty!

The final FIFA rankings are out for 2016, and the US is once again number 28. Holding strong, boys! In CONCACAF, Costa Rica is 17 and Mexico is 18. Argentina, Brazil and Germany are the not-so-surprising top three. All those German great grandpas living quietly in Brazil and Argentina must be torn on who to pull for.

It’s hard to say it was a terrible year, considering we hosted and finished fourth in a Copa America. But it sure was the worst ending to a year we’ve had in a while. At least there was a coaching change, right?

Anyway, on USfanTV Live we talked a lot last night about Julian Green’s move to Stuttgart. The big question: Did he fail at Bayern? Or did it just not work out? At least he’ll be playing a lot more now, even if we have to watch him using our old friend Illegal Stream.

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