Why BVB needs to hold off Liverpool, PSG to keep Pulisic


The plan was all set.

I work up this morning, grabbed some coffee, watched Cheslea and Manchester City brawl, and flipped over to FS1 to watch the USMNT’s two best players do battle in the Bundesliga–aaaaaaand they both started on the bench. So much for that.

USMNTBFFs Christian Pulisic and Fabian Johnson came on together in the 78th minute, and although I was pissed both saw so little action, we did manage this cool screenshot out of the game. Pulisic looks slightly happier because his team was BVB was rolling Gladbach at that point. Also, what the hell is Thomas Tuchel doing here? It looks like he’s pulling Pulisic’s hand into his pocket.

In actual game action, Pulisic managed a nice, long run with a shot on goal, which isn’t so bad.

We’re approaching January, and we can’t get away from the transfer rumors surrounding our 18-year-old wunderkind. (A quick aside: Chris called Pulisic “barely 18” at the pub today where we watched El Clasico and Arsenal, which sounded so, so dirty.) If we can believe the reports, Jurgen Klopp is desperate to buy him for Liverpool to cover for the injured Philippe Coutinho. Meantime, Paris St. Germain also seems interested in making a run at Pulisic. To be fair, that report comes from the usually-reliable German publication Bild, but I read a translation, and we all know how Google Translate rolls at times.

Borussia Dortmund came out this week and told clubs not to “waste their time” making a move for Pulisic, because they’re not selling. To this I say: good. Pulisic is in a great spot right now. He’s playing for a brilliant manager in Tuchel who seems to care about his development, which is why he still sits sometimes. I’d trust Klopp with him, too, but I don’t want to screw up a good thing–especially this early in his career. After all, if Pulisic keeps improving this quickly, in three or four years he’ll be able to play wherever he wants. If he jumps too early, I’m afraid either he falls victim to having too much pressure on his shoulders, or he ends up with a dick manager like Jose Mourinho who buys him and the then ices him out.

Let’s hope he stays in yellow and black–for now, at least.


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