USfanTV Live: Bradley says Swansea owners lack “strength,” Landon Donovan mulls DP offers

Bob Bradley told ESPNFC Swansea’s owners gave in to public pressure, and lacked the “strength” to stick with him as manager.

We talked about that last night on USfanTV Live–and we weighed in on reports Landon Donovan is mulling designated player offers from Real Salt Lake and an “eastern conference team.”

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Christian Pulisic, your average, 18-year-old superstar


I’m still cracking up over Christian Pulisic’s Facebook Live chat yesterday. In case you missed it, he held court with fans (and even some teammates), answering questions for around 20 minutes, and he could not have seemed more down-to-Earth.

Christian is home at his parents’ house in Hershey, PA for the Bundesliga break, and when you hear him speak, it’s almost odd how confident and yet normal he seems.

On one hand, Pulisic seems like an average college-aged kid home for winter break, hanging out with his cat and his sister. On the other hand, he seems smart enough to fully understand everything he’s experiencing, and confident enough to not let it spook him. Most superstar athletes his age are either egotistical maniacs, complete morons, or cliche-spitting robots. I spent a few years covering college sports, and dudes like Christian are INCREDIBLY rare.

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2016 ends with a THANK YOU!

Pat and I want to sincerely thank all of you reading this. Whether it’s your first or last time visiting our site (or any of our other not that mediocre web presences), THANK YOU.

It’s been an awesome start.

We started USfanTV because we knew there were others like us out there who wanted to talk about this team and this game that we spend far more time, money and brainpower on than is probably merited.

Like you, we’re fans. Short for fanatics. And fanatics aren’t always pretty.

If our reviews or opinions seem a little biased sometimes, that’s because they are. And we don’t apologize. Cause when Christian Pulisic or whomever the next Greatest. American. Ever. turns out to be or not to be, and they’ve all retired either way, we’ll still remember Alexi Lalas’ goatee. And Landon Donovan when everyone still called him Landycakes. And Donovan’s face after scoring against Algeria.¬† Continue reading “2016 ends with a THANK YOU!”

USfanTV Live: Recounting Bob Bradley’s 85 day run in the Premier League

We convened a special Tuesday edition of USfanTV Live last night to recount all 85 glorious days where there was an American manager in the Premier League. What. A. Run. It. Was.

In all seriousness, Bob Bradley wasn’t good. He deserved the January window to put his stamp on the team, but in the end the toxic atmosphere at the club killed him, and his defensive strategies were partly to blame for that. It sure looked like his players had quit on him after the West Ham match.

So, who’s gonna be our next manager in the Premier League? And what path will that person take to get there?

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Hwyl fawr, Bob Bradley. We hardly knew ye.

screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-12-49-52-pmBob Bradley is out as Swansea manager after just 11 games in charge. Not even three months. Just like that, the reign of the first-ever American Premier League manager is over.

I was just telling Chris this afternoon if Swansea was thinking about firing Bradley, they needed to do it immediately. What’s funny, I saw the news no less than a minute later. Honestly, I still think it’s stupid to fire anyone that quickly, but it felt like the atmosphere had grown far too toxic for Bob to continue.

We’ve both repeatedly said Bob–or any manager–needed a transfer window to really make his mark. Swansea is a flaming pile of crap right now, especially at the back, and absolutely needs some new players in January. Now, it’s up to someone else to swoop in and figure out who those players should be.

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Chandler earns new deal at Eintracht Frankfurt, Nagbe on verge of Celtic move

Here’s a bit of good news we neglected to cover this week: Timmy Chandler signed a new deal at Eintracht Frankfurt, keeping him there through the 2019-2020 season.

While he’s been a solid player in the Bundesliga, he’s been one of the first guys to garner fans’ criticism at the national team level. Chandler was one of the players who seemed to quit on Jurgen Klinsmann in the Costa Rica match, although, to be fair, he was basically playing two positions on the right side of the field because of Klinsmann’s insistence on having Jermaine Jones out there.

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We’re number twenty-eight! That’s two better than thirty!

The final FIFA rankings are out for 2016, and the US is once again number 28. Holding strong, boys! In CONCACAF, Costa Rica is 17 and Mexico is 18. Argentina, Brazil and Germany are the not-so-surprising top three. All those German great grandpas living quietly in Brazil and Argentina must be torn on who to pull for.

It’s hard to say it was a terrible year, considering we hosted and finished fourth in a Copa America. But it sure was the worst ending to a year we’ve had in a while. At least there was a coaching change, right?

Anyway, on USfanTV Live we talked a lot last night about Julian Green’s move to Stuttgart. The big question: Did he fail at Bayern? Or did it just not work out? At least he’ll be playing a lot more now, even if we have to watch him using our old friend Illegal Stream.

USfanTV Live: Gold Cup, Nashville Hot Chicken, Bob Bradley, Kekuta Manneh and more!

Where else can you get all this in one video? We talk cherry moonshine, the Gold Cup, Nashville hot chicken, Bob Bradley and his funny American words, Kekuta Manneh, the crazy geography of Point Roberts, Washington, fantastic shirts from and much, much more. Take a look, and make fun of us in the comments on YouTube. Everyone else does!

It’s time to blow up the CONCACAF Gold Cup


Dates are out for the 2017 Gold Cup, and I’m feeling…fine? Sure, I want to see the US play any chance I get, and the Gold Cup provides more of those chances, but I actually find the whole thing has become a bit stale.

If you haven’t seen yet, the USA’s three group stage games will be July 8 in Nashville, July 12 in Tampa, and July 15 in Cleveland.

Don’t get me wrong, Chris and I will¬†probably go to at least the Nashville game, because Nashville is a blast, and hot chicken is delicious. We went to the Gold Cup tune-up game there in 2015 and had a great time.

We’ve been to several Gold Cup games in the last 15 years. We’ve seen the US lift the trophy in person, twice–2007 and 2013, both times at Soldier Field in Chicago. But, as I was sitting here thinking about what happened which year, it all kind of ran together. I got our 2009 loss to Mexico mixed up with our 2011 loss to Mexico, at first. I basically forgot about our 2015 debacle, which is probably for the better. Even remembering our wins get confusing for me, which is not a problem I have with World Cup Qualifiers. It seems the Gold Cup–or the Jack Warner Kickback Invitational, as it should be known–is kind of unmemorable.

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