#USAvCRC Projected lineups: Will Jurgen play it safe or go crazy again?

Will Klinsmann stick to his unconventional guns or will he head for safety to try to grab a result and avoid going “Dos a Cero” in the worst possible way in qualifying?

Here’s what we think:


Chris, like most sane people, believes we’ll see lineup #2, with Pulisic and Bedoya wide, Bradley sitting back in his preferred role, and Kljestan in the number 10 role. This is essentially the lineup we wanted to see for the Mexico match.

I think we’ll see something more like lineup #1. Jurgen always finds a spot for Jermaine Jones, even when he doesn’t really fit. You can see how narrow we play in a 4-4-2 that contains both Bradley and Jones, but I still think he’ll do it, keeping Pulisic as the number 10. I know Klinsmann has a pattern of going crazy, losing, then going simple when his back is against the wall, but I absolutely don’t trust him anymore to send us out with our best possible lineup. He’ll want to make a point and show people he’s smarter than everyone else.

You know what else I wouldn’t be surprised to see? Bradley coming off the bench, with Jones starting at defensive midfielder.

We’ll find out soon.



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