Bob Bradley loses first Swansea match: Our review

A few signs of promise and a lot of things to work on for Bob Bradley after his first game in charge of Swansea City, who lost 3-2 to Arsenal in London.

Bob Bradley’s first game as Swansea manager ended in defeat, 3-2 to Arsenal.


Bradley’s team showed bits of good collective defending, and their offside trap was strong (sometimes with a little help from some very inconsistent refereeing) – something that was particularly interesting in light of Arsenal’s speed and Bradley’s open criticism of Swansea’s fitness at his press conference earlier this week. However, they also turned the ball over in their own box, and left Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil completely unmarked several times, even beyond the three goals scored.

On offense, they showed some of the positivity of last season… then, couldn’t finish some shockingly good shots.

Based on the lineup and positional changes that Francesco Guidolin instituted in some of his final games, it could be expected that there might be some rust while players re-adapt. However, Bradley’s lineup gave Arsenal much more of a challenge than anyone but his most loyal fans probably predicted.

Ted Lasso, the first American coach in the Premier League, joined Tottenham Hotspur in 2013. The team remains a disappointment.


So far, the reviews are largely positive, with the exception of Bradley’s black-on-black clothing choices. Perhaps he was channeling Johnny Cash and bringing some American Badass to his role as the *second American manager in the Premier League?

In all seriousness, Bradley’s team fought hard and achieved more in a loss than was expected of them. Sound familiar?

What did you think of the game? Post a comment and let us know.




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